Crab Rule - How Hispanics/Latinos Drag Each Other Down

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They don't face certain obstacles because of the way they look.

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Girl says she knows what is liked to be discriminated as a Latina and as a woman. Never passed as a white woman but know what is like for people to privilege her based on her skin color. Her Afro Puerto Rican friend was dating a white guy and his family asked him why couldn't he date someone like the girl in the video. Deny it isn't the answer, they got to acknowledge the white privilege exists and the ways they benefit from it is the first step.

Some engage in racist behavior towards black people in blackface, imagery, tv shows, etc. Most of them marked "other" as a race since they're confused and the national census is changing the question. Thanks x 49 LOL! Aug 11, 2. This is somewhat true, like how white people automatically assume Hispanics are so "hard-working" when in reality, they're just more reliable to not call out.

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Thanks x 43 LOL! Aug 11, 3. Thanks x 70 LOL!

What's the difference between Latino and Hispanic?

Aug 11, 4. She doesn't look white. Instead, whites see them as browning America. Hispanics are always out here looking to unite with white people when white people already told said what it was.

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Language isn't even the issue as spanish is a European language. It's their non-white racial backgrounds. White Americans have no genetic relations to Asian people and they treat them better. They have light skin too but I guess they get more bang for their buck for other reasons. It's not getting them where they wanna be. Thanks x 65 Disagree! Aug 11, 5.

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It's people still don't know Hispanic isn't a race. Aug 11, 6. Thanks x Aug 11, 7. Thanks x 33 LOL!

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Aug 11, 8. She looks Mexican. This 'race war' high America has us on via Twitter is draining us like it's supposed too.. Thanks x 14 Disagree! Aug 11, 9. They're all white-adjacent to me.

More racist than white people, more self-hating than brown people, smh. Aug 11, This should surprise absolutely no. Some of y'all want these spicy whites to be your allies so bad.

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How many times and in how many ways do they have to say they don't fuck with black folks until people get it? They are white-adjacent, period. Always have been, always will be. Thanks x 77 Skeptical x 4 Hugs! This conversation will never advance on this forum. It just never does. I should probably have just kept scrolling lol. Thanks x 21 LOL! Thanks x 16 LOL!

Didnt watch. But some of those mestizos are delusional. They need to also visit Spain and Europe to get a wake up call or to their home countries in Latin America. Dy March 3, Values in Philippine Culture and Education.

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Council for Research in Values and Philosophy. Leibowitz December 31, Parnassus: Twenty Years of Poetry in Review. University of Michigan Press.

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It means landowner. Sabienglae Restaurant in Lamai Beach is an outstanding local Thai restaurant. Often used now to group all Asians as the enemy or as untrustworthy. You asked if I have proof. Threatening to harass and stalk people at WorldCon is not an insult, is not free speech, it is legally a crime. Scientific name.

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