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Even Kid, the person Ox saves when this is first revealed, is impressed. The Perfectionist : Ox is in actuality a raving perfectionist who believes his intelligence is his only good quality and must strive to make sure he keeps it. Just in case you were wondering why he is trying to outdo Maka. Ox has his intelligence taken from him, resulting in him reverting to an almost infantile state of mind. The Rival : To Maka, when it comes to academics. Shock and Awe : Courtesy of Harvar. Harvar D.

Harvar is relatively emotionless but logical man. He went to the same boarding school as Ox before they came to the Academy. Jerkass Has a Point : As we know, Harvar isn't exactly a pleasant man. In Act 1 Chapter 27, Krysa is trying to convince everyone the area they're in is a rest stop.

Harvar doesn't buy it, claiming something is going happen when they all are asleep, or they could be in a game already without their knowledge. The narration implies the rest buy the story. Marcellus manages to placate Harvar on the grounds that there's nothing they can do anyway.

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In the hidden village of Senri, a people exist for the sole purpose of protecting the Armoon Empire as they have for centuries. In Senri, when one reaches. Rising Moon: Book of Lunaria [Alexandra Livingston] on erolexul.tk Rising Moon (Kilik Chronicles Book 1) and millions of other books are available for.

Guess what? The next chapter proves he's absolutely justified in his paranoia. He is an ethnic mixture of Dominican and African. Kilik was originally born in the Dominic Republican but moved to American when he was young. He acted out in his youth, resulting in him being a former Correctional Class student. He shaped up once he begins his partnership with Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder.

Adult Fear : Watching his child partners get snatched up by a giant, scary snake surely left a mark. He moved to the USA early in life. Kilik cannot use them in battle or else a rejection happens that will damage his arms. Daddy Issues : His shadow suggests Kilik has these despite his nonchalance towards the subject shown in the Kumbaya Circle. Delinquent : Kilik used to be part of the Correctional Class.

That flashback that reveals this shows him even picking a fight. Truth in Television because there are quite a few prisoners and criminals whose bad behavior are rooted in lack of parental attention. Mixed Ancestry : African-Dominican. The writer probably did this to acknowledge both the original and the dub name of the character.

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In other words, leave the little kids alone. Parental Substitute : To the Pot Twins. Look no further than Act 1 Chapter It is suggested he wants to be a better model to them to spite his disappeared dad. Token Minority : Shared with Marcellus among the main group. As their name imply, they can generate fire and lightning. The two are Earth Shamans, meaning they are capable of communicating with the Earth itself. This village apparently venerated an all-seeing god.

Obviously, they were taken into the care of the Academy. In Harmony with Nature : Earth Shamans. Who, is the question.

Suddenly Voiced : They have speaking roles. She is obsessed with making money and appears to be rather condescending and bossy toward a few people. She is, in actuality, a Witch that was exiled from the Witch Society due to specializing in a Magic that is nondestructive. But Kim disliked the lifestyle of witches anyway and finds life at the Academy much more desirable. She is a One-Star Lantern Meister. Definitely counts. Barrier Maiden : Soul Resonance Prometheus, a giant circular shield of fire.

Yet she manages to soldier on as one of the few people still able to actively participate in combat because nothing prohibits her as a meister. She simply rolls her eyes and walks off, saying she will. Then, she blithely reveals to everyone she actually made healing potions. Childhood Friends : In Act 2 chapter 4 we learn that she and Walena's sister Tazmina were friends as children. The Cynic : She really wants a world where the opposite is true, but Kim philosophizes money in this world is ultimate and can buy anything.

Fiery Redhead : Pink, but it's a shade of red. Kim is spunky, gutsy, and plucky. Ironically, Jacqueline is the cooler one of the two. Foreshadowing : In Act 1 Chapter 14, Kim survives what Marcellus perceives to be a fatal injury without, well, injury. Later, in Act 1 Chapter 22, Kim reveals she is a tanuki witch, whose main power is healing. Freakiness Shame : Not actual shame, but there are implications Kim may be self-conscious about her nature as a witch as it pertains to being public knowledge within the Academy. Guile Heroine : One of her greatest assets is her subtlety, and her willingness to lead others astray to her advantage.

For example, in her fight with Medusa, she hides herself in smoke. Medusa attacks her silhouette with Vector Drill only to quickly realize she drove her arm in a fire clone Kim fabricated and gets severe burns for her trouble. She temporarily loses it via Ouroboros.

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Healing Potion : She crafts some on the boat ride to Cobra Island from ingredients in the kitchen. Good thing, too, because she and the rest of the crew would be so screwed without them.

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Hidden Depths : Kid, in a conversation with her in Act 1 Chapter 36, listens to Kim essentially claim money makes you special and worth something. Act 2 chapter 4 also reveals that while she doesn't regret leaving the Witch Society and it's rules, she sometimes feels homesick and misses her friend Tazmina. Inferiority Superiority Complex : Something of one. It is hinted Kim is a little image-conscious about being a Witch and becomes upset when someone insults her as such, taking it as a personal attack.

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It's Personal : In the Cobra Island Arc, when she discovers that Ox has been cursed and his intelligence taken away, Kim does not take the news well. Money Fetish : Money means everything to Kim. Plucky Girl : Evident in her round with Medusa.

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Her crutch in Regeneration Magic is gone; the narration expressly says her teammates Ox and Kilik are more physical durable than her, so she's unaccustomed to dealing with pain for long periods of time. Even so, she keeps going and lasts until The Cavalry arrives. Staring Down Cthulhu : Kim is fully aware Medusa is superior to her in every possible aspect. She adopts an air of smugness and self-confidence as a means of keeping her fear and apprehension at bay, knowing Medusa can and will goad or manipulate her into performing a stupid move and kill her for it. Weak, but Skilled : She is not as smart as Ox, nowhere near as powerful as Kilik, and her magic hinges on support more than offense.

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Therefore, Kim relies on sheer wit and Jacqueline in battle to stay ahead of the game. Jackie has been rolled in the DWMA for about three years, but has only been partnered with Kim for a year. Her father specialized in lanterns and woodworks, which might help explain her weapon form. Most of her family still lives in Boston, and she has an older sister servicing in the Navy.

Lastly, she was brought up to be proper and be ladylike. Bi the Way : Admits to both being this and being afraid of how her family will react to her telling them. Friendless Background : Kim is implied to be the first friend Jacqueline has ever had. Gayngst : Is bi, and is afraid of telling her traditional family despite the fact that her current romantic interest Tsuji is a guy, though Kim encourages her to at least try.

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Playing with Fire : Naturally. When he wakes up, she tells him he started breathing strangely during the healing process, so she propped his head up. Ship Tease : With Tsuji. Up until his encounter with Excalibur, he was bullied and used as everyone's doormat and errand body.