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    I tried to explain this to my wife, who thought I was having convulsions as I lay on the floor laughing. Flib Zealots.

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    Search for:. Post to Cancel. Mike Mussina , SP : Look who's back! And at a discounted draft price no less. I had really been hoping to get Chris Ray or Lidge back, but my ABC colleagues weren't born yesterday: I got caught off-guard by a run on closers and had to act faster than I'd anticipated. Corey Hart , OF : Burke without the multiposition eligibility but more power he even has the celebrity namesake, and is also I studied video of Burke and Hart surely there was some Edwardian music-hall duo by that name?

    Probably a little soon to draft a guy who could lose his job quickly and get dumped onto the ABC waiver wire followed by a bright-blue skein of obscene imprecations. Bound to draw into my starting lineup at some point, and still has the talent to hit. Seriously, how can twins not be a good omen?? Kevin Kouzmanoff , 3B : Although at this point I just needed to keep piling up further outfielders for the committee and start looking at sleeper pitchers for roster depth, with this kid falling so low and me still not having a backup for Rolen--well, sometimes the "best player available" light just switches on.

    I didn't do what you'd call due diligence, but he has three things going for him: the '06 minor-league numbers are pure stat-porn, the team just traded an elite prospect to make room for him, and the pick made everybody else in my league furious.

    A top outfielder in our scoring system last year, and will get even more ABs hitting in the leadoff slot this year. Bengie Molina , C : Sometimes, the "best Molina available" light switches on too. With Martinez becoming a part-time catcher and getting a break from the wear-and-tear, I wasn't too worried about drafting a fantasy backup, especially since there were some nice backstops available on the waiver wire all last year--so much so that I had a hard time trading Paul Lo Duca when I started getting into trouble he finished up at.

    Pedro Martinez , SP : A controversial choice. Yes, half a season is a long time to burn a roster slot. And yeah, a lot of guys never come back from a torn labrum. And yes, in interviews Pedro always seems about five minutes away from going nuts and quitting to become an ostrich farmer or fruit-beer importer or something.

    But he was pretty effective last year--more so than the won-lost record--throwing mile-an-hour fastballs in complete agony. He'll always be effective if he can stand upright and reach the plate on fewer than three bounces. And deep down you know he is eager to pitch--not just pitch, but dominate. Paul Byrd , SP :. The kind of phoned-in pick that the roster structure of our league necessitates, annoyingly.

    Juan Uribe , SS : He's lost weight, he's 27, and he's um, facing possible trial for attempted murder? I don't know that athletes should be devalued in fantasy just because they're facing "personal problems": more often than not they just seem to react by bearing down harder in the day job.

    Does anybody else think we are in the middle of a longterm trend toward big-league shortstops outhitting second basemen? Jamie Shields , SP : is probably not his breakout year, or the Rays', but you have to like the peripheral stats. This year's Ian Snell. Yes, you know you had a rough '06 when you're saying things like "this year's Ian Snell.

    Orlando Hernandez , SP : I had him on my roster for a while in '06 and I hated to bring him back, but I needed pitching depth and he's got a double-start week for an elite team in the very first scoring period of the season. He'll probably throw a three-hitter in one of the starts and get touched up for 7 ER in the other, but as long as I come out ahead I can live with him spending most of the season stashed away in my "bullpen.

    Robert Mugabe I Former Zimbabwean Ambassador Jacqueline Zwambila pays tribute

    On the other hand, PECOTA and the Braves put together arguably constitute a majority against the rest of the world, and if he holds the job he'll hit leadoff. Could be late-spring trade-bait. No idea why he fell so far--he should really be somebody 's no. I'm setting the over-under on my finish this year at 5th out of The ABC is a tough league no bass players , but now that I understand the nuances of scoring and lineup composition a little better, if I finish lower than 8th again I'll really have to reevaluate my own self-perception as an educated baseball fan.

    Feedback is welcome.

    It has now been subjected to a staggeringly major upgrade , nuking the dead links and adding dozens of life-altering sites I visit every day. If you click any five links at random you are bound to find at least one or two sites that are utterly fascinating. After all, the director of logistics at Clearwater Seafoods in Bedford, Nova Scotia oversees time-sensitive shipments of everything from lobster to clams and crabs.

    Goods need to make a seamless transition from a fleet of 21 vessels, through the supply chain, and into the refrigerators found in grocery stores, restaurants and kitchens around the world. Officials had suddenly banned the gel packs traditionally used to chill the seafood, after would-be terrorists were found to be designing bombs with liquids. But the Clearwater team came up with the solution No peeking--we operate on the honour system here.

    You shouldn't have much trouble spotting traces from my purple pen amongst the unsigned editorials, and my signed column appears every Friday. Here's last week's piece , which could have been headlined "A numerate man looks at the lotto"; here's this week's , which contains the most unequivocal cash-on-the-barrel prediction that you are likely to see in any English-language newspaper this calendar year. Here's some stuff I've read and liked but spent my sweet goddamn time sharing with you. Stephen Strauss had a terrific article on the CBC website about how the epidemic of repetitive-stress injury that was supposed to have swallowed our economy never happened, and how the whole business of workplace ergonomics doesn't add up to a hill of beans scientifically.

    One of the quarter-baked book ideas floating around in my head is a book full of healthcare-related stuff everybody knows that almost certainly isn't true and has no reproducible warrant, like "echinacea helps colds" or "stretching before exertion helps prevent injury. It seems any amount of suffering can be forgiven if one has a sense it is being shared. Have you ever heard of the Republic of Ezo?

    Could you find it on a map? I invite first-hand reports on how this stuff tastes.

    Even I forget sometimes that Mark Steyn is an extremely, extremely outstanding literary critic. God bless the creator of this site. What fun. The vagaries of history have left the period from to the First World War arguably more foreign to us than many earlier eras. Hey, it's not like we have any reason to be interested in a period characterized by terrorism, the hegemony of a dominant world empire, rapid change in the media environment, sensational criminal trials, adventurism and excess among a coterie of gigarich businessmen, crackpot warnings from publicity-seeking scientists, and controversies over the purity of sporting competition and the salaries of athletes.

    I believe it's inevitable that environmentalists will gradually become more enthusiastic about Lomborgian adaptationism as they clue in that there's just as much money in it for them and a great deal more political potential; moreover, as the latest IPCC report showed, the steady improvement of climate models has a tendency to shrink the error bars in various measures of calamity and rule out exotic worst-case scenarios, making it harder every year to sell the public on rewinding the economy to the Stone Age. The next stage of the debate will be over whether adaptation should, in general, be allowed to happen at its own pace and guided locally or whether it should be an expensive planned global-governance project.

    Let me add that if you're in Canadian politics it makes all kind of sense to get ahead of this process, not behind. Or we could just keep on bickering over the Kyoto Protocol, whatevs. That's not to say I would be anything less than thrilled if my alma mater became the place where they finally got the son of a bitch licked, and the research is certainly worth funding.

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    But the caution and skepticism of surgeryblogger Orac seem wisest: he's an ex-student of the Dr. I recently spent a half-hour or so perusing some fascinating galleries that show northern Alberta and Saskatchewan in, literally, a different light than you're used to.

    I've always wondered just how ridiculous the planned obsolescence of publicly-funded sports facilities can get: last Saturday China provided the definitive answer when it blew up an year-old 65,seat soccer stadium in Shenyang. In Edmonton, the public is being buttered up to contribute to the replacement of a hockey arena that's barely 30 years old; in Toronto the Rogers Centre, considered an engineering marvel when it opened in , is now routinely discussed as though it were an obsolete embarrassment.

    Voters should be aware that whatever replaces these facilities is likely to be much less durable , not more so. Boxcover and glamour photographer James diGiorgio operates the crack cocaine of weblogs at PrettyGirlShooter. For perhaps the first time in recorded history, a Telus customer--yours truly--comes to the defence of the phone giant and soon-to-be network smut pedlar in today's Post.

    Read the column here. I'll be dropping by there every so often but I'll try to be careful to link those visits from here. Fans who have been seething for years over my lack of a commenting function will be pleased to notice that FC does in fact have one. I'd consider it a favour if you'd vent your spleen, if only in the spirit of beta-testing. But there are always a few goofballs around who are willing to argue that increasing the minimum wage has a "symbolic value.

    There's no special explanation for the two-week break, though it's true I am probably working harder right now than I have since I was an undergraduate. My recent signed columns for the Post , in case you haven't been keeping up, include one on Merck's miracle drug for cervical cancer , an attempt to correct the record about Anna Nicole Smith , and a primer on the discounting debate surrounding global warming. If you only read one of those, you should probably make it the latter.

    I was hoping for more feedback than I got: the point in question is an important one that's fairly subtle, and almost certainly too difficult for any of the politicians who are promoting the Stern Review to understand. It seems to me undeniable that if you're creating an economic model and incorporating a social rate of pure time preference chosen according to an ethical first principle--i.

    Don't you have to use some "actual" discount rate that has a basis in empirical observation to generate real figures? Stern has responded to William Nordhaus and other critics [ PDF ] but the response merely reiterates the argument in the original report: The debate on discounting illustrates how important it is to understand the different ethical assumptions that drive economic modelling.

    Therefore, we use a low rate of 'pure time preference'. He's not even making a wild guess as to the true social rate of time preference itself an eel-slippery construct ; he's simply asserting that time has a fixed inherent value. Now, suddenly, they're being touted as a potential key to the future of the Alberta agricultural economy! It should be noted, however, that a different crop is touted as a potential key to the future of the Alberta agricultural economy about once every two weeks.

    Can't wait to get my first look at a whole field full of 'em. Fortunately no subject is too esoteric for Anders Sandberg. Someone may already have forwarded you this. The National Post is ramping up a new weblog, Full Comment , that will feature a mix of exclusive just-in-time content from Post contributors, pointers to outstanding stuff in other publications, and Post columns and editorials, sometimes the very day they're filed. Check out my column about the nouveau militant atheists , filed mere hours ago and scheduled to run in Friday's Post.