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The Shaolin Monastery
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Will the Phoenixes and Dragons forget their differences and combine the powers of Shaolin and Wu Tang, to defeat the bandits? Considering the cast were assembled in the first film for their wushu skills not their acting ability, they're given a LOT of acting to do here and it works. Jet Li demonstrates he was born for the screen and brings a real romantic chemistry to his scenes with soon-to-be-real-life-wife Wong Chau-Yin also a fighter in Li's wushu team.

It's a breezy, cute adventure that's maybe a touch heavy on little kid antics but not short on charm. Eventually things do kick off, and the final fifteen minutes are a maelstrom of high octane brawling that includes a wider variety of melee weapons than I can ever recall seeing and an absolutely ouuuuuuuuch-inducing finishing move to end things with a bang. And, just like anyone who's played International Karate Plus can tell you, trouser-splitting jokes are always funny. As a result, Kids From Shaolin was another success and in , a third Shaolin Temple film appeared.

No stranger to Shaolin, having directed the 36th Chamber Trilogy , Kar-Leung slots right in but puts his own spin on the series.

Dengfeng Maps, Map of Shaolin Temple & Mount Song

The Shaolin Temple (Indepth Guide Series) eBook: Haijun Zhang, Steve Chao: Kindle Store. Dengfeng maps includes Dengfeng China Map, Dengfeng Shaolin Temple Map of Mount Song & Shaolin Temple 3 Days In-depth Shaolin Kung Fu Tour.

It's particularly awesome to see locations at the Great Wall and The Forbidden City put to such stunning use. So many Shaws productions were studio-bound or used HK locations so this is a rare opportunity to see their style of action filmed in the Mainland. This time around, Li plays a young monk called Zhi Ming who's training at north Shaolin but is obsessed with getting revenge on an evil warlord who killed his parents Yu Cheng-Hui.

He sneaks out of the temple to attempt an assassination during a lion dance but it fails, leaving Zhi to go on the run with a pair of south Shaolin apprentices who also want the warlord dead.

A cross-country chase ensues. Southern and northern styles combine.

Guide The Shaolin Temple (Indepth Guide Series)

A lot of people get royally messed up. In contrast to Kids From Shaolin , the action overshadows the story here. There's a fight every few minutes and the choreography - courtesy of Kar-Leung - is explosive. Li's acting performance is weaker than in the first two films perhaps the lack of a real character or perhaps Kar-Leung was just more used to a different style of performer?

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He moves with immense speed and accuracy here, demonstrating incredible northern style wushu techniques and wielding a pole I would not like to be on the receiving end of. Beyond the luscious scenery, the costumes and custom-built sets including a gigantic period boat that stages the insane final fight are beautiful.

I'd go as far as to say it's one of the studio's most accomplished mids achievements and a very respectful end to the trilogy. If you're looking for a way in, it's the most accessible too; more conventionally structured than 1, more action-packed than 2 and just a damn fine movie. This is completely unofficial and unrelated but not the crass cash-in you'd expect. Directed by Joseph Kuo Fearless Duo , Mystery Of Chessboxing , etc , it predates the original trilogy and is much lower on budget, but nevertheless, a solid watch.

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When their escort is ambushed by the usual Manchu bastards, he flees with the Princess and they take shelter in Shaolin Temple. There, he trains with the monks under the tutelage of a drunken abbot Mark Long - best known for playing Ghostface Killer in The Mystery Of Chessboxing and together they prepare for the impending Manchu invasion of Shaolin. Unlike the 'real' Shaolin Temple series, you can see plenty of editing tricks and sped-up film here in the fights but what it lacks in authenticity it does try to recover with energy and invention. There's some entertaining drunken boxing on display and the final fight is an absolute massacre, fountains of blood spraying everywhere, a gratuitous giant!

Watching the original trilogy is a great opportunity to see the emergence of a superstar and features some of his finest onscreen fighting.

Shaolin Master

One expert who objected to the Shaolin concentration on staff fighting, arguing that it resulted in neglect and even distortion of training in other weapons, was Wu Shu. Riding the phoenix and turning the wheel lun; Sanskrit: cakra , it glorifies the Great Treasure [of the Buddhist faith]. He looked practically like a god. Some invite friends to drunken parties. When you enter the garden, you will encounter the Great Rockery. The monks who responded and joined the war did not forsake their religious identity.

He arrived teaching a different approach to Buddhism that latter came to be known as Zen. In the begging he was not understood by the monks so he went up the mountain peak behind the Temple and sat in meditation for nine years in a small cave. After those nine years he became he started to teach the Shaolin monks. He noticed that the monks grew weak from sitting in meditation for long periods so he taught them a series of exercises to stimulate circulation and to limber up muscles and joints. Some of them still practiced to these days Yi jin Jing, Shiba Shou, etc.

According to oral tradition these exercises were probably the earliest forms of Shaolin KungFu. By the end of the Sui Dynasty , the Imperial Court was tottering. In order to safeguard the Shaolin Temple, a guard monk army was organized.

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After taking the throne of the Tang Dynasty , Li Shimin offered official posts to the Shaolin monks, and issued an order that the Shaolin Temple would have guard monks. This is recorded in an inscription on a stone tablet at the Shaolin Temple. During the Ming Dynasty , all monks at the Shaolin Temple practiced martial arts, and Shaolin KungFu became well known nationwide.

The Shaolin guard monks also took part in the fight against the Japanese invaders, and won several victories. Over the years, the essence of various schools of Chinese martial arts were integrated in the Shaolin Temple, making the temple a center of martial arts. Thus, the Shaolin School of martial arts came into being from years of development and became well known far and wide.

History of the Shaolin Temple

In , the Shaolin Temple was destroyed by a fire, and all of the ancient books and records burned into ash. However, Shaolin Martial Arts at that time had already formed into a system.

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The system was taught to the escort companies that protected Temple carts from being assaulted during the exchange of goods between the Temple and surrounding cities. So, the core structure of the system was kept intact and have been passed down through a lineage of masters to the present today. Sifu Roberto is an excellent teacher and comes from a very well known and respected lineage in martial arts!

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Sifu Roberto has a long history of experience and practices which enable all ages to participate and enjoy this meditative art form. I found a new home here after many years of practice elsewhere. Come and try it! Whether you wish to learn KungFu, TaiChi or both, this is the place to be! Kungfu, in my opinion, is the most complete martial art system I have found over the years.