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Lister was ahead of her time, but not in the obvious way: not because of her desire, or even her willingness to throw off norms. Thanks to her diaries, we also have unprecedented access to how she herself thought of her identity and sexuality, as well as an explicit record of sexual activity.

She was therefore dignified with the Title of Chief of the Tribades or Lesbians. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, lesbian was one word among many: tribade, sodomitesse, sapphist, amazon, tommy, anandryne. As Susan Lanser notes in The Sexuality of History , there were numerous labels applied to homoerotic behaviors and the women who practiced them, although these would not have categories of identification as we think of them today.

Lister had contemporaries who lived quite openly, though these couples were certainly uncommon. At the time Gentleman Jack , the series, takes place in , a real life couple, Charity Bryant and Sylvia Drake, had just celebrated their 29th anniversary. The two women most famous for their romantic friendship in the 18th century were the Ladies of Llangollen, Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby.

Again, social rank is relevant: Butler was from a noble family, and they had education, money though they were often in debt , and the ability to live independently and receive visitors from the highest echelons of society. Like Lister, they wore top hats; visitors like Anna Seward and William Wordsworth both wrote and dedicated poetry to them. They even received a pension from the Queen for the example they set with their relationship.

Sign up. In her letters — and as is represented in Gentleman Jack — Anne Lister entreats Ann Walker to a romantic partnership that would appear completely respectable to polite society.

Privately, they would marry; publicly, they would live together as two wealthy women in respectable, partnered friendship — essentially, exactly as the Ladies of Llangollen. Part of the fascination with Lister is that she viewed herself and her sexuality in a way rather consistent with our contemporary views of sexual identity. It also cannot be overstated that Lister kept a sexually explicit diary — a rarity for any historical queer, but especially for a woman. There has been speculation for years, for example, about whether the Ladies of Llangollen had a sexual relationship — some argue they were too conservative and religious to have had sex, which seems an odd argument, to say the least Lister was religious, too ; others point to a lack of explicit eroticism in their letters, and still others point out the rather obvious fact that the two women shared a bed for decades, so: draw your own conclusions.

Lister, like Walt Whitman after her, was so obsessed with recording herself that it she makes it easy for us. Whereas Charity Bryant and Sylvia Drake and the Ladies of Llangollen provide a more direct comparison to Lister, there are other prominent examples of what we would call queer relationships between women and queers of the time.

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A problematic aspect of queer historiography, particularly in regards to gender identity, is that people we would today identify as transgender, or perhaps non-binary or genderfluid, have certainly always been here. The language and constructions of self-identification have not always been the same; how did the person see themselves and their desires, is a constant question when considering historical queers.

Language is constantly shifting , creating a process of untangling for historians that can feel more morass than mosaic. It is instead a story of inner conflict, a mondernized tale of ambition, lust, and pressure, pitting creative and destructive forces against each other in a disturbingly well-executed, mind-bending descent into madness.

A lot. With everything else aside, the main difference between the two is this: in the Swedish film, Lisbeth Salander is angry, purposeful, and smoldering. In the American film, she is fragile, alienated, and, at times, apologetic. And the rape scene was unforgivably gratuitous.

Where Love Is Illegal

For its humor, for its action sequences, for its relentless breaking of the fourth wall, and for giving us real, undeniable queer ladies. Because all of that is a blast. But the plot was an empty and incomprehensible maze. But she also encompasses the emotional complexity of what it really means to enter the shimmer. Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez. That said: Gina Rodriguez. Of course there would be a fun action comedy with lesbians! No matter that it had never been done before or, honestly, since.

It brings me so much JOY.

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This is suspenseful and sexy, sweet and satisfying. I honestly think this might just be the perfect movie. And that remains true, even in a suit.

The bad gang - part 3 - gay & lesbian love story (gacha life)

But I do deeply understand being an awkward brunette who feels inadequate next to confident, manipulative cis blonde women! And this movie was legitimately great! The characters are so well-written and well-performed, this totally just works as a great character drama alongside all the action. Follow them on Twitter! You need to login in order to like this post: click here. Some excellent films here! I love Mulholland Dr and to me Black Swan feels so inspired by it: the queerness but also the structure, the mystery, the arc of the main character. You make a great point about Black Swan and Mulholland Drive!

Author of Adventure Books with Lesbian Main Characters

Explains why I enjoyed both so much. Annihilation was such a frustrating movie. So many compelling ideas hinted at without any resolution. Intriguing but super frustrating. I liked Gina Rodriguez in it but she was kinda barely in it? Re Annihilation, why I would have liked a bit more about why the alien and less of that mirroring scene when Natalie Portman finds the alien , I found it not really that confusing?

I read a lot of sci-fi though. I read and watch a fair bit of sci-fi too, but I found this more unsatisfying rather than confusing.

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I generalise, but with two women there is more equality in who does what in this respect because there are no gendered expectations to fall back on or use as an excuse for not mopping the kitchen floor, for example. According to founder and CEO Robyn Exton, HER users care as much about the social aspect of the app — like the branded events and the networking potential — as the pursuit of romance. Sexual desire is dynamic and changeable at any stage of life. I even reported out an entire article about intergenerational lesbian relationships a few years ago. Throughout the trip, Matie and Jamie would have a number of tearful conversations about trans inclusion with some older passengers who refused to accept trans women as their fellow sisters. Posted on September 9, by admin. But the plot was an empty and incomprehensible maze.

I wanted them to take some plot threads further Why the alien? Why the moving tattoo? Why the amnesia? Surprised there was no shout-out for Knife Lesbian Linda Cardellini! We only had one computer at home at the time and it was standing in the room I shared with my younger brother. So I had to stop every 10 minutes as someone wanted to check something on the net or just to come into the room.

Ok, Blake Lively was magnificent in suits and scenery-chewing, but not so much action?

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Or even queerness? Bound in 3rd? A Simple Favor ahead of Bound? What is this, the electoral college? I will also argue that the Swedish version of Dragon Tattoo is the better film, in no small part due to the amazing muscled arms of Noomi Rapace. This is very true. I sincerely do not know how I a managed to rent Bound from my local Blockbuster at the time and b still convince myself that I was straight after.